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Responsible Gambling

How to be a Responsible Gambler 

If you are concerned that gambling is becoming more than a game for you, try using these guidelines to moderate your play.

  • Think of the money you lose as the cost of your entertainment 

  • Set a dollar limit and stick to it 

  • Set a time limit and stick to it. Leave when you reach your limit whether you’re winning or losing 

  • Understand that you’ll probably lose, and accept the loss as part of the game 

  • Don’t borrow money to gamble 

  • Don’t let gambling interfere with or become a substitute for family, friends or work 

  • Don’t chase losses. Chances are you’ll lose even more trying to recoup your losses 

  • Don’t use gambling as a way to recoup your losses 

  • Don’t use gambling as way to cope with emotional or physical pain 

  • Know the warning sings of problem gambling 

If your gambling is no longer an enjoyable activity, ask yourself: Why am I still playing? 

For No-Cost, Professional and Confidential Help Call 424-274-1564 


Gamblers Anonymous

International Service Office
P.O. Box 17173
Los Angeles, CA 90017
P: 626.960.3500
F: 626.960.3501

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California Council on Problem Gambling

41743 Enterprise Circle N., Suite 202
Temecula, CA 92590
T: 714.765.5804
F: 951.266.0072

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Office of Problem Gambling

1616 Capitol Avenue
P.O. Box 997377 MS-8700
Sacramento, CA 95899
P: (916) 327-8611
F: (916) 440-5132

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