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Getting HELP

Will I Get Better with Treatment?


Pathological gamblers who complete treatment or remain active in treatment can improve their lives.  Some treatment programs report that 40-60% are able to stop gambling completely.  Pathological gambling requires ongoing treatment and will significantly help to improve patients’ lives.

How Treatment Can Help!

Dealing with the Consequences of Gambling

With treatment you will determine the most pressing debts and how to deal with them.  You will receive help on how to be honest with your family about the money you owe.  You learn how to deal with your legal problems and the life problems that problem gamblers deal with. 

Learn Why It’s So Hard to Stop

Many gamblers have distorted thoughts when it comes to gambling.  We will help you identify irrational thoughts that convinced you to gamble and reexamine the odds. 

Learn to Deal with Urges and Triggers

What is the internal feeling that makes us want to gamble? Where does this hunger or desire come from?  When we have this feeling do we also have a bodily sensation? What exactly causes the urge is not clear but if we can start to recognize one triggers we can slow down the process and take steps and make choices that are healthy so we do not act on it.

Begin to Choose Healthy Distractions

Sometimes clients have a problem with being bored, especially if they have recently cut back on gambling.  Together we can discuss new interests and activities, to create meaning and purpose for oneself. 

Learn How to Cope with Stress, Anxiety and Worries

We can work together to find healthy ways to confront your feelings and deal with them. 

Focus on Wellness

Together we can start to pay attention to your well-being.  Medical and lifestyle needs might have been neglected during your gambling.  Many of these areas include exercise, sleep, nutrition and entertainment are within our control.  Changes can take time but the rewards can be beneficial immediately. 

Gambling Treatment Program


In conjunction with the State of California's Office on Problem Gambling (within the Department of Public Health) which is administered by UCLA's Gambling Studies Program, I am able to offer NO COST TREATMENT, to anyone who can attend therapy in person in my Los Angeles office. This offer is also open to anyone who is involved in a close relationship with a person who is a compulsive gambler.


It is very easy to qualify for this program and the gambler only needs to have 1 of the 10 symptoms. Additional blocks of 8 sessions (1 and sometimes 2 blocks) may also be available.

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