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Talking About Death with Your Kids

Talking to your kids about death can be a difficult conversation but one that can also be rewarding. Sometimes this conversation can be sad for parents but it can also be really comforting for your children.

Here are some steps you can take…

  • Be honest

  • Simple concrete terms so they understand. For example, death is when a person body no longer works/they no longer breathe, think, or feel anything again.

  • Avoid sayings like gone to sleep or in a better place.

  • Talk about the life cycle before the loss of a loved one.

  • Flowers/leaves/worms – they all have a beginning, middle and end.

If they ask…

  • Am I going to die – Tell the truth but then comfort them (Most likely it won’t happen for a very long time).

  • When discussing it, stay connected to them.

  • Draw a picture/ ask questions/be there for them

Watch what you say…

How come the Ipad comes back to life? You said that the battery was dead.

The more you make it part of life the more children will come to understand and accept it.


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