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Battle Your Negative Thinking

Rejection can be very painful. How many of us have been on a date that didn’t go well. After the date you call a friend and tell them what happen. Then that friend tells you, of course they didn’t like you. You are a loser. You don’t make enough money, you aren’t in shape and you aren’t that funny. Some friend? But what if that friend is you. What if you are the one that says all that stuff to yourself right after the date.

We need to battle negative thinking! If you had a cut would you take a knife and make it worse? But we do it all the time with our emotional well-being. Be kind to yourself! You wouldn’t let a friend speak to you that way but you allow yourself all the time to do it. First, be aware that you are beating yourself up. Take action and battle the negative thoughts.

How much would your quality of life improve if you battled your negative thinking?


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